2020 Schedule of Events

Come visit us at one of these events!


Date                Event                                             Contact                   Location



Jan 4 & 5         Hamburg Gun Show                           Georgia Shivers          Hamburg Fairgrounds, Hamburg

Jan 11 & 12     Empire State Gun Show                     Georgia Shivers          Monroe County Dome Arena, Henrietta

Mar 7               General Membership Meeting          John Beatty                  Victor Presbyterian Church, Victor

Mar 21 & 22    Batavia Gun Show(CANCELLED)      Georgia Shivers            Quality Inn & Suites, Batavia

Apr 3               Living History Program(CANCELLED) John Baronich            Pioneer Central Middle School, Yorkshire

May 16 & 17   Artillery School (CANCELLED)           Rick Lake                      Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown

May 21            Living History Program (CANCELLED) John Baronich           Orchard Park Middle School, Orchard Park

May 23 & 24   Living History Program(CANCELLED)  Ave Bauder                Waterloo

May 25            Memorial Day Parade (CANCELLED)  Dan Dixon                    Rochester

May 26            Living History Program (CANCELLED)   John Baronich          Barker Road Middle School, Pittsford

May 28            Living History Program (CANCELLED) John Baronich            TBA

May 30            Memorial Day Parade (CANCELLED)Ave Bauder                     Waterloo

June 5              Living History Program (CANCELLED) John Baronich            Springville Middle School, Springville

June 8              Living History Program (CANCELLED) John Baronich            Silver Creek Middle School, Silver Creek

June 12 -14      Living History Program (CANCELLED) John Baronich            Spangler Farm, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

July 4-5           157th Gettysburg Reenactment (POSTPONED)                        Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

July 18& 19     Genesee Country Village Reenact(CANCELLED)                      Genesee Country Village, Mumford

July 25 & 26    Marilla Civil War Reenactment(CANCELLED)                        Marilla Town Park, Marilla

Aug 8 & 9       Hale's Farm Reenactment(CANCELLED)                                  Hale's Farm & Village, Bath, Ohio

Aug 22-23       157th Gettysburg Reenactment (WITHDRAWN)                      Daniel Lady Farm, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Sep 25& 26     Living History (CANCELLED)              Ave Bauder                  Rose Hill Mansion, Geneva

Oct 3 & 4        Mesopotamia Reenactment(CANCELLED)                                Mesopotamia, Ohio

Dec 5               General Membership Meeting           John Beatty                 Lockport High School, Lockport

General Membership Meeting in...