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Joining Reynolds' Battery

We look to continue our zeal for history in the future and continue to improve our image as Reenactors. But we can’t grow without you. The benefits in joining are innumerable. New members are welcomed with open arms: we’ll take you under our wing and teach you all that we know about the American Civil War.

Soon you’ll feel right at home. You will be a comrade. The smell of a fired cannon will bring your blood to a boil; adrenaline will pump when you hear “LOAD!” your heart will jump with “FIRE!”

The sights you will see and the experiences you will have will be demanding, there is no doubt. The cannon are heavy, the uniforms hot. You will feel as if you’ve reached your limit maneuvering the battery into position, but suddenly, you are in battery, loading the cannon. You’re breathless, heart pounding. What’s going on? Who’s out there?

Suddenly, everyone tenses -- the word has come down: “Prepare to fire!” There! You see them! They are unaware of the Battery’s presence. “FIRE!” The cannon bark, the enemy falls. They look bewildered, trying to reorganize. But you’ve already loaded another round and another barrage sends them scurrying away. 
You’ve won!

The elation is overwhelming. You’re no longer tired; you are rejuvenated. You and your comrades have dominated the field; the Artillery is the Queen of the Battlefield and Reynolds’ Battery is the Crown. Battles however, are not all we do, and there are plenty of other “highs.”

    After the battle around the cannon invariably gathers a throng of people. You step up and field dozens of questions about the various facets of Loading, Firing, and the Science of the Artillery. Buffs, novices, and experts alike are astonished by your knowledge, your professional­ism, and your enthusiasm. You are a Civil War Artilleryman.

             Or perhaps you make a trip to a classroom to show your “kit” — your paraphernalia. Dozens of wide-eyed kids hang on your every word as you recount your encounters. When you leave you know the kids are awed and invigorated in History. Days, maybe weeks later, you hear from the teacher that they are still talking about you.

             And then there’s the camaraderie. After a short time, a bond will develop between you and the Battery. We will not discount your inexperience, age, or background. Prove yourself interested in this, and you’ve earned a place next to us, with us. 
You’ve become a part of the Reynolds’ Battery family.

Please print Handbook, fill out application form and mail with a check for dues made out to Reynolds' Battery L to:

John Baronich

386 Mill Street

Springville, NY 14141

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