Reynolds' Battery 1st NY Light Artillery

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April 10, 2010


Getting Ready for the new season

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The limber getting it's touchups

Painting the underside of the limber

Thank you Chappy for all your great work on the Limber Chest

After all Chappy's work the limber is ready for all of its equipment.

Rich getting ready to make a minor repair on the gun

John Beatty working on the trail.

Working on the gun, and then...

some one asked a question

Continuing to work on the gun

Reshaping the forge trail

Priming the forge trail

Forge trail painted and ready for use

Repairing the water bucket

Pizza, cookies and lots of time to talk

Johnny B explaining something to Chappy

What are those two corporals planning now?

Checking the trailer and the weather

Paper work, on or off the field there is always paperwork!

As the day wound down people left their thoughts on the blackboard, it brings out the artist in all of us

At the end of the day, one trailer and gun are Ready To Roll